HoopleCast: An Introcast for HBO's Deadwood
December 2014

HoopleCast is an introcast-style podcast for HBO's Deadwood. The format is similar to PotentialCast, FisherCast, Intro To X, Down Below, IdjitCast, Investigating Mars... and other great podcasts. (For a full list of introcasts click here.)

The premise: The host (Matt) has seen Deadwood previously. His cohosts have not. Each installment we discuss characters, plot, themes, and the true history of the infamous 19th century mining camp. Recurring segments include our Readers Theatre (period newspaper articles and musings, read by members of our podcast community), written/audio feedback, our picks for characters of the week, notable quotations, and episode ratings.

Joining Matt on the podcast are Carol from McKinley Cast: a Freaks and Geeks Introcast, and Matt H. & Mel from The Twin Peaks Podcast, CarnyCast and Intro to Brisco.

Add the following URL to your favorite podcatcher app: http://feedpress.me/hooplecast or subscribe via iTunes.

A word of caution: Deadwood is known for its liberal use of profanity, so expect this podcast to be Explicit.


The HoopleCast HBO Project
November 2016

  • Although our coverage of Deadwood has concluded, the podcast continues with discussions of additional HBO programs.
  • The HBO Project will cover the programs on this spreadsheet.
  • Dramas only. Sorry, comedy fans.
  • Series and mini-series only. No TV movies. (I am qualifying a mini-series as anything over two installments. Also, I reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule.)
  • First episodes/installments only. For the purposes of the podcast, we're watching the pilot/premiere, and that's all. (Exception: If the first episode is only 30 minutes, we will watch a second.)
  • Each podcast will cover *two* series. This will allow us to move through the project faster.
  • Spoiler policy: If anyone on the podcast has seen beyond the first episode, we'll expect that person to refrain from mentioning major plot/character developments (like, character deaths) but vague statements on how a series changes over its lifetime is acceptable. In general, we'll be more forgiving of spoilers than when we covered Deadwood.
  • Schedule policy: We have no set schedule for this project. We'll be recording when we feel like it, and when our personal lives permit.
  • Guest policy: We'll announce our recording dates as far in advance as possible *ON THE FACEBOOK GROUP* and the first person(s) who want to join us can sign up then. We won't be rescheduling our recordings to accommodate guests.
  • Same feed, same Facebook group, same e-mail address for feedback (see below).


Additional Information

We welcome your feedback for each and every recording. Submit written feedback, or an mp3 of yourself, to our e-mail address hooplecast@gmail.com. Please put the series/episode title in the subject line, and try to keep mp3s under five minutes. Remember, to be cautious re: spoilers for future episodes if you are a veteran viewer! You can also send general comments or questions to that address.

Our Facebook group is the place to discuss Deadwood, other HBO programs, and the podcast itself with fellow Hoopleheads. Visit the Deadwood section of this site for direct links to discussion threads on specific Deadwood episodes. Locate the episode in question and click "discussion." Please invite as many Facebook friends into the group as possible to increase our membership numbers, and leave us a (positive) review on iTunes.

We also have a Twitter account, @hooplecast, which we'll use to post announcements about the podcast or anything Deadwood/HBO related.

You can support by the podcast by using our Amazon Affiliate Link whenever you shop on Amazon.com.