This episode we're deep in the heart of Utah for Big Love (2006), a well-written/produced/acted drama about plural marriage that some of the hoopleheads find deeply troubling due to the current state of the world. After we discuss "Sopranos in Mormon-town" we dig into America's fucked up laws regarding marriage and consent, and--gosh darn it all to heck--we have questions for you, New Hampshire. (6:25-1:14:33) ... In the premiere of Five Days (2007), a missing woman and her missing kids spark a stonking amount of questions, like: Is everyone in England a sexual predator? How do English people pronounce the letter "F?" Are they comfortable being filmed 24/7? Where even is this? (They claim London, but we're not convinced.) (1:14:34-2:12:06) ... Also, the "choose your perspective" app Mosaic, and forthcoming mini-series Chernobyl. (0-6:24) | Recorded November 19, 2017. Released Nov 26, 2017.