David Milch's follow-up to Deadwood, John From Cincinnati (2007), is the metaphysical surfer drama Chris Carter wishes he created. A weirdo calling himself "John" (is he autistic? an angel? Dougie Jones from Twin Peaks: The Return?) disrupts the lives of the deeply unlikable Yost family, led by matriarch Cissy (Rebecca De Mornay, yelling) and patriarch Mitch (Bruce Greenwood, floating). The series aspires to find grace through both the sport of surfing and encounters with the divine, but the pilot is messy, loud, and, frankly, a bit dull. But, worth it just to hear Carol say "donkey show." (12:01-1:14:47) ... Softcore porn meets indy film-making in Tell Me You Love Me (2007). If you've ever wanted to see Penny from Lost give Ben from Parks and Rec a handjob, you're in luck. (Also, who are you?) It may be the least sexy show about sex ever made, but it did give me the visual of grizzled crew members operating prosthetic penile contraptions, which is pretty hilarious. (1:14:48-2:23:16) ... Also, the Deadwood film, Here and Now, and Watchmen. (0-12:00) | Recorded January 21, 2018. Released February 5, 2018.