The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (2008) is an adaptation of Alexander McCall Smith's beloved novels. Jill Scott plays Mma Ramotswe, our lead heroine who starts a detective agency for the purpose of solving mysteries and aiding the people of her beloved Botswana. Aside from its warmth and humor, the series is also notable for its promotions of female empowerment and positive body images. I joked before that this entire HBO Project was a long con to get others to watch this delightful series with me, and I'm pleased we finally have. (0 - 1:43:09) ... At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the ugliest characteristics of American males are embodied by the U.S. marines of Generation Kill (2008). A Rolling Stone reporter arrives at camp Mathilda in Kuwait to chronicle the events during the first phase of the Iraq War (sponsored by Skittles and Pizza Hut). Prepare to get political, because, yeah, we have some things to say. (1:43:10 - 2:47:37) | Recorded April 8, 2018. Released April 29, 2018.