Before he was fascinating and terrifying as Deadwood's Al Swearengen, actor Ian McShane played rakish antiques dealer Meredith Lovejoy on the long-running English series Lovejoy. This is that. More precisely, this is a discussion amongst the hoopleheads of the Lovejoy episode "Who is the Fairest of Them All?" which finds a haughty–if slightly zaftig–ballet dancer freaking the fuck out about a mirror. (Seriously. This episode is about the buying and selling of mirrors. The climax is a high-stakes operation involving the switching of price tags. Clearly, Lovejoy is nothing like the actual world of antiquing, which is violent and cutthroat.) Sincere thanks to guest and temporary host Shane Poole of In The Village: An Introcast for The Prisoner for his fact finding and good humo(u)r, as well as saving the podcast with his backup recording. Smashing job, Shane! You are indeed quite tickety-boo. (Also, I tried to do as little editing as possible for this bonus episode.) | Recorded July 19, 2015. Released July 20, 2015.

Hoopleheads Matt H & Mel record a commentary for the season two premiere, "A Lie Agreed Upon, Part I." (Note: Portions of the recording are missing due to technical issues.) | Released July 31, 2015.

Hoopleheads Matt H & Mel record a commentary for Season Two, Episode Six: "Something Very Expensive." | Released October 1, 2015.

Hoopleheads Matt H & Mel record a commentary for Season Three, Episode Five: "A Two-Headed Beast." | Released April 29, 2016.

Hoopleheads Matt H & Mel record a commentary for Season Three, Episode Eleven: "The Catbird Seat." | Released July 20, 2016.

Hooplehead Carol records a commentary for "Tell Him Something Pretty." | Released August 6, 2016.

Happy Christmas from HoopleCast! And what did Santa bring you? Why, shit weasels and toodle pips for days and days, by Jove! Join Matt and Claire as they laugh and cringe their way through Stephen King's oxycodone nightmare Dreamcatcher, the first in our unnecessary series of commentary podcasts in which we celebrate the cinematic milestones of Mister Timothy Olyphant. | Tags: Stay Sexy Don't Die, Damien Lewis Has a Tiny Mouth, David!, Spring Cha-Ching, Evan Peters Face, Ooby Ooby Oo Ere Are Ou Ee've Ot Ome Ork O O Ow, Double Fuck-a-Ro, Jason Lee Doesn't Understand the Concept of Quarantines, Twelve Toothpicks, Morgan Freeman's Eyebrows, Bucko Blue Boy Leader, Colonel Maple Syrup, Aliens Came to Earth to Ride Snowmobiles, Yes, Claire, You Still Have Asthma In Your Memory Warehouse Because That's How Memory Warehouses Work--Science Fact!, Blimey! My Finger! It's Magic!, Don't You Dare Hurt Ty Olsson, Matt Misses All the Screenwipes, Dumbest Aliens Ever, Giant Tooth Vagina, Thomas Jane is a Mama's Boy, Unintentional Comedy | Recorded November 26, 2016. Released December 25, 2016.

Happy Independence Day from HoopleCast! 7th in literacy! 42nd in life expectancy! 1st in gun deaths! U-S-A! U-S-A! It's the second in our series of unnecessary commentary tracks for films featuring "Hawaiian" Timothy Olyphant. Matt, Claire and Will are on a wild ride to Kauai, following the adventures of Cliff and Cydney [sic], newlyweds who run afoul of backpacking creeps, one or more of whom may be a dot dot dot murderer. Also, Will's mortal enemy, Steve Zahn. | Tags: Jeremy Sisto Effect, A Hundred Dollars in Pet Rent?!, That's a Beautiful Man Right There, Steve Zahn is the Moon and He's Been Eclipsed by the Sun, U.S. Murder Rates, American Jedi, I Keep My Insulin in the Crick, That's My Bitch, They Got Themselves a Hemsworth (Gotta Catch Em All), Chekhov's Scorpion, Never Cut Foreskins, Shark Eyes, Longest Flashback Ever, ...And It Was a Perfect Getaway. | Recorded June 4, 2017. Released July 4, 2017.

What is more spine-chilling, blood-curdling, and alliterative than spooky skeletons, ghastly ghouls, and zoophagous (look it up) zombies? Answer: HoopleCast's third entry in its series of unnecessary commentary tracks for Timothy Olyphant movies! In celebration of All Hallows Eve, Claire and Tammy of Calavicci FashionCast are here to blabberwocky their way through The Crazies, a remake of the George A. Romero film and prequel to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. (Or, Galaxy of the Guardians, if you're Matt and don't know movie titles.) As neighbor turns pitchfork against neighbor, our heroes Timothy Olyphant and perennial "oh, that guy" Joe Anderson, fight to survive against whatever is making the people of the very barn-heavy town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa go supes crazy. Hence, the title. | Tags: They Cling To Their Baseball Mitts And Their Guns (America In A Nutshell), InfoWars: The Musical, Sorry, Timothy Olyphant Is Doing Carpentry, Apocalyptic Hellscape Movie (AKA America 2017), Get These Motherfuckin' Crazies Outta My Motherfuckin' Town, That Fetus Is Out of Control, Enough With The Twin Peaks References, Truck Full Of Bowling Balls Or Truck Full Of Babies, Disney World Would Blow Their Barn Minds, The United States of America Hereby Extends An Open Invitation To Claire To Visit One Of Its Many Fine Car Washes, Sort Your Face Out, Jennifer Garner. | Recorded October 14, 2017. Released October 31, 2017.

It's Valentine's Day, and whether you're single, married, coupled, or a member of Andrew Keegan's sex cult, HoopleCast wants you to know you are loved. That is why Matt, Claire, Will, Mel, and Matt H have recorded this unnecessary commentary track for the Timothy Olyphant-led ensemble flick The Broken Hearts Club colon A Romantic Comedy (2000). Although, calling this a "comedy," is a bit generous since everyone in this movie is a real candle-lighting, necklace-wearing, Carpenters-listening-to sad sack. Except Purple Guy. | Tags: Zack Braff's Hair, Talky Intellectual Gay, Gotta Go To Kentucky To Raise Men, Gays Grow On Trees Lesbians Grow On Bushes (ba-dum-dum), Secret Brit!, The Promiscuous Gay, Jennifer Aniston Traded Up, Olyphant's Arms Are Not On Point But He Has Very Perky Man Breasts, The Theatrical Gay, Dawson's Creek Shared Universe, Come Here And Let Me Fix Your Tits, Let's Join The Ladies And Make One Great Big Lady, Stop Harassing Your Brother For His Sperm, Dean Cain Conservative Question Mark, Zack Braff's Pants, We Have Not A Child Among Us, RSVP John Mahoney. | Recorded: January 27, 2018. Released: February 14, 2018.

Memorial Day marks the start of summer, and if the impending hot weather, hurricanes, and escalating gas prices have you depressed, perhaps stay indoors and cool off with Matt, Claire, and Brad as they record an unnecessary commentary track for the Timothy Olyphant and Jennifer Garner comedy Catch and Release (2006). After her fiancé dies under mysterious fish-related circumstances, the unfortunately named Gray finds herself in the nest of three hapless bros, and awash in pro-Boulder, Colorado propaganda. It's barely a movie. | Tags: You're Not Elektra, Lost Wilson Brother, Sock It To Me! Sock It To Me! Sock It To Me!, Mr. Yummy, How Does Anyone Know Anyone In This Film?, I Don't Want To Fuck Jennifer Garner (Well, You're Wrong, Though), Eff You, Sugar Daddy, JonBenét Ramsey, That Time Kevin Smith Stole Doughnuts From Burt Reynolds, Once An Orphan Always An Orphan, Does The Soundtrack Only Get Worse?, This Is Your House You Should Know How To Work A Door, You Live A Little You Love A Little--Whatever, The Stakes Couldn't Be Lower, Shoes Are Optional In Brad's Peace Garden (RSVP Brad) | Recorded: May 5, 2018. Released: May 28, 2018.

Is it a stoner comedy? Is it a crime drama? It's neither. It's the sixth in our series of unnecessary commentaries for Timothy Olyphant movies. Claire and Matt watch the very Canadian based-on-a-play movie High Life (2009), which may be a shared universe prequel to The Crazies and may be secretly sponsored by everyone's favorite antacid Pepto-Bismol. Verdict: Not as fun as the Carousel of Progress but more fun than Peter Pan's Flight. | Tags: Oh, Olyphant, Your Hair, Douchebag Hat, Why is There a Horse in the Apartment and What is that Thing on the Ceiling?, Ron Eldard Karate Chop, Cotton Candy as a Delivery Device for Heroin, Kaifer Sunderland, Suck It Up Sprinkle Tits, It's a Record Player!--To eBay I Go!, Trying to Be Tarantino, Moondog, Blame It on the Boogie/Buggie, But That Bathroom, Stage Magic, Pink Chuck Norris, Definitely a Canadian Film. | VIDEO VERSION: | Recorded: March 24, 2019. Released: 420, 2019.

The hoopleheads watch the long-awaited, highly-anticipated film. | VIDEO VERSION (Links within the Facebook group): | Recorded: June 1, 2019. Released: June 2, 2019.

We're scraping the bottom of the Olyphant barrel with Hitman (2007) for our seventh (!) unnecessary commentary. This is the movie that our friend Tim routinely cites as an embarrassing low in his career, and aside from some impressive fight choreography, we're inclined to agree. More like, Shitman, amiright? | Tags: Have You Painted Me Thanos Stone Yet, Guvner?, The Man Who Would Be Wolverine, No Woman Looks at a Bald Man Like That, What a Terrible Line Delivery, What a Terrible Line, What a Terrible Scene, Brolly Jenkins, Scottish Jim Caviezel, Clone Drone, I Brought You Breakfast, You Ungrateful Trunk Person, Would You Like To Meet My Little Hitman? (He's Bald, Too), Dummies Everywhere Will Be Blown Away, Shooty Shoot Bang Bang The End | VIDEO VERSION: | Recorded: August 3, 2019. Released: September 2, 2019.

Happy Halloween from HoopleCast! Claire and Brad, on loan from the podcast Sassy Sewer-Lion Boutique, join Matt for our final commentary of the year. Our friend Timmy O. stars in the horror sequel Scream 2: Secret of the Ooze (1997) as a pretentious film student (redundant) who is out to terrorize Canadian Neve Campbell and her circle of forty-year old college friends. And if you're upset that I just spoiled who the killer was, admit that you were never going to watch this anyway because if you were you would have done so by now. Also be grateful that I spared you the sight of David Arquette's mustache. | Tags: Halloween Horror Nights, Here Comes the PC Police, Always a Stall, What Tipper Gore World Is This, Back to Neutral, America's Sweetheart Jerry O'Connell, Murderer Coming Through Excuse Me, Red Apple Versus Green Apple Fight, This Is Not Fun This Is Upsetting, Diane Sawyer Boner, Increase Mather, Floor Pizza, She's a Local Woman She's Got Local Strength, What Do Theater Students Know About Anything (Absolutely Fucking Nothing), All This Happened Because of Her Whore Mother | VIDEO VERSION: | Recorded: October 12, 2019. Released: October 31, 2019.