Episode Zero. Host Matt takes newbie cohosts Carol (of McKinleycast: A Freaks & Geeks Podcast) and Matt & Mel (of The Twin Peaks Podcast, CarnyCast and Intro To Brisco) on an introductory tour of Deadwood. We talk about our podcast format... the show's background, including its infamous use of profanity... some brief late 19th century history... predictions by the newbies on what's to come... and just what is a "hoople?" In a few weeks we'll regroup with our impressions of the pilot. | Recorded January 17, 2015. Released January 22, 2015.

Episode One. It's finally here. The pilot episode of Deadwood. Carol, Matt H & Mel are escorted through the outlaw camp by veteran viewer Matt A. We meet ex-Marshall Seth Bullock and his business partner, Sol Star... legends Calamity Jane & Wild Bill Hickok... nefarious saloon proprietor Al Swearengen, plus his various whores and goons... There's also a dandy, an addict, a too-earnest reverend, and a drunk with a droopy eye who remains unimpressed. Deals are made. Schemes are hatched. Folks are hanged, stabbed, shot, hacked and spread around... some are even fed to pigs. Shit, man. It's fucking Deadwood and it can be combative. ... Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback for our first episode, and sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Chris JC for our original theme music. | Recorded February 8, 2015. Released February 13, 2015.

Episode Two. Stephanie of PotentialCast joins us to discuss "Deep Water" an episode featuring gross people doing gross things, like urinating in chamber pots, urinating in chaps, urinating on the sides of buildings... It's altogether disgusting. So, naturally our podcast devolves into a discussion of condoms (informative!) and colonoscopies (not informative), but not before we address the heart-warming tale of a saloon keeper who plots to murder a little orphan girl. ... Also, Alirio tells us about "the dwarfed and fast deteriorating savage" in our first installment of Readers Theatre. | Recorded February 22, 2015. Released February 25, 2015.

Episode Three. Nuchtchas, our Lord and Savior from The Nutty Bites Podcast, assists us in reconnoitering a particularly perilous rim. There's a traitor in Al's midst... Jane is a total Tina Belcher and writes erotic friend fiction... Seth is a premature lumberer... Bill meets his number one fan (psst! he's craaazy!)... Brom takes a tumble... And the great Woodchuck-Beaver War of 1876 begins in earnest. ... Also, the effulgent Claire amuses us with the anecdotes of a 19th century confectioner. | Recorded March 8, 2015. Released March 12, 2015.

Episode Four. Harold is our guest for this game-changing episode in which an act of kindness leads to a dark result. Alma is reunited with Brom and monologues her backstory... Ellsworth tells Dan the secret to long life... Wild Bill writes a letter to his darling Agnes... Noodle Girl and The Man-Eating Chicken are Alive! Alive! Alive!... The drama comes to a head and hereafter, Deadwood is known as Crazy Town. ... Also, Robin's multiple personality disorder is put to good use as he reads advertisements from August, 1876 and July, 1877. | Recorded March 22, 2015. Released March 25, 2015.

Episode Five. What's better than an envelope of human hair? A new installment of HoopleCast! Technology was a cocksucker this week, so emergency guest Cory stops by to participate in some riveting courtroom drama. A rage-filled Seth Bullock delights our Mel... Al and Dan are a regular Statler and Waldorf... Soapy is way inappropriate... Andy apologizes… Jane becomes an amateur ornithologist... Alma drinks tea... The little squarehead girl remains nameless. ... Also, Moira reads us the verdict in the McCall case and laments the burial of Wild Bill. Important Announcement: We're auditioning for a new cohost because Matt H dies of the plague the end of this recording. | Recorded April 4, 2015. Released April 7, 2015.

Episode Six. Help yourselves to some canned peaches and another installment of HoopleCast, brought to you free gratis. Doctor Moira brings all the Pox Facts as we discuss "Plague." (Moira claims smallpox is not spread by genetically modified bees. Is she part of the conspiracy?!) Seth gets in a wee bit of a tussle with a native... Alma acts the widow randy, but fails to seduce the gentleman Farnum... The reverend smells burnt toast... Our Matt is perplexed by Yip Yips... A new series comes to PBS: Milliner and Haberdasher, Attorneys at Law. ... Also, Stephanie tells us about some Pest House shennigans. | Recorded April 19, 2015. Released April 23, 2015.

Episode Seven. With the Jack McCall business settled, Bullock returns to the camp in an aptly titled episode. Emily of the Yes, Mother podcast stops by and teaches us her jive-talkin forehead-related street slang. ... Veronica Mars beguiles a creepy Dan Dorrity. ... The reverend presides over a long anticipated funeral. ... We get our first event of the Deadwood Olympics. (Hint: It involves titty-licking.). ... We scrutinize a certain actor's abilities, yet again, in everyone's favorite segment. ... Also, Nuchtchas tells us what happens on Saturday evenings in Deadwood circa 1877. (Dearest Hoopleheads, we welcome all comers, no matter how many buttons on your coats and frocks.) | Recorded May 3, 2015. Released May 8, 2015.

Episode Eight. Robin of The iZombie Podcast and The Defenders Podcast lends much needed levity to this brutal episode in which a beady-eyed ferret becomes late night vittles for Mister Wu's pigs. ... Trixie goes missing, and a hoarse Johnny teaches us the geometry of her snatch... Flora moves the dyke... The orphan squarehead finally reveals her name... Cy offers Joanie a longer leash... And the fellas of this podcast end up on Mel's shit list. (We deserved it.) | Recorded May 16, 2015. Released May 19, 2015.

Episode Nine. The "Salma" shipping train is leaving the station, but is the legendary Nuchtchas of Long Island on board?? Johnny impresses with his initiative... Charlie feels self-conscious about his attire... Al rejects the beverages of the Bella Union... The reverend's eyes play tug of war... Jane holds up a building... An ad hoc municipal organization is created--but, STOP EVERYTHING--the new piano's here! ... Also, HoopleCast theme composer Chris warns us not to touch the accursed cup, lest we fill the drunkard's grave. | Recorded May 31, 2015. Released June 3, 2015.

Episode Ten. Cait Lin of The Twin Peaks Podcast and Intro to Brisco helps us navigate the murky (bath)waters of Deadwood's racial divide. Two white dope fiends have robbed and murdered a Chinese courier, leaving Al and Wu to solve a sociopolitical math problem... The peace treaty with the heathens has led to overcrowding at breakfast... The door is shut to the titty-licker... The Man in Black becomes Al's wacky lackey... Reverend Smith out-ambulates Merrick... The hoopleheads contemplate becoming cannibals by proxy... Watch out for splinters! ... Also, Tammy is at the mercy of the "almond-eyed sons of daughters of the Flowery Kingdom" and their awful offal. | Recorded June 14, 2015. Released June 20, 2015.

Episode Eleven. If you're in the mood for crass sexposition, Deadwood's first blowjob monologue rears its :ahem: head. Stealing all our hoecakes is Will* from the What We Make, Down Below and Sense8 podcasts. Jewel ambulates across camp to acquire a bionic limb... Charlie makes friends as fire marshal... Deadwood appoints its first sheriff... Sol helps Trixie un-obstruct her cherry... E.B. dampens some potatoes... Al reveals his Dickensian backstory. ... Also, Alex argues that "the knights of the washtub" are charging too muchee for washee. (* Bring back our hoecakes, you long-tailed nanny-o!) | Recorded June 28, 2015. Released July 4, 2015.

Episode Twelve. Huzzah! Nimble forest creature Ina is our guest for the season one finale. Deadwood honors General Crook and the 7th Calvary with a parade... Otis attempts extraction from Alma's veins, but submits to the righteous fury of Seth Bullock... Stapleton's reign as sheriff ends... Doc pleads for mercy on behalf of the reverend... Al solves the magistrate conundrum (ignore the bloodstain that mysteriously appeared)... "Salma" finally happens, and it's amazing. ... Also, Christiana reveals the peculiarities of the Negro race. | Recorded July 12, 2015. Released July 17, 2015.

Episode Thirteen. The second season premiere is a family reunion of sorts as Martha Bullock and Farting William ride into camp. The foundation of the Grand Central is rocked by the intense schtupping of Deadwood's favorite couple... Slippery Dan's practical joke on Bummer Dan goes awry... Al calls out Seth across the thoroughfare, leading to a wee tussle... The arrival of the Borg Queen causes the bottoms of Cy's balls to tingle. ... Also, Jonathon speaks to the wickedness of the minister's sons. FYI: If you're searching for traces of urine in my pisspot, I'll have you know I went over the balcony earlier, so stop asking questions, okay? | Recorded August 2, 2015. Released August 7, 2015.

Episode Fourteen. The denizens of Deadwood are on edge following the day's earlier ruckuses and rumpuses. Fortunately, Nuchtchas returns to help us make sense of the various complexities that weigh so heavily on Al Swearengen's mind. Charlie suffers from an array of distracting maladies... Alma bears the burden of an immense decision... Hawkeye's selfless acts go unappreciated... Wu's pigs contract insightfulitis... Our Carol lets loose her Slippery Dan hate. ... Also, Alirio introduces us to "Uncle Billy" and announces a footrace between local heavyweights. | Recorded August 16, 2015. Released August 22, 2015.

Episode Fifteen. Lift your legs and open them for adventure! Will avoids our murder list by returning to discuss this very nautical themed episode. Al makes friends with a lithotome... (Please take your hand off my shoulder.) The mysterious Mister W makes a meal of E.B.... (Remove your hand from my forearm.) A pissed-off Alma directs her ire towards Sofia's tutor... (Do not touch me again.) But will the camp rise up against the ne'er-do-well Jumbo and make him pay for his slothful ways? ... Also, John tells us about the tragic demise of Miss Kitty LeRoy in the opening chapter of a Readers Theatre two-parter. (Do not look at my face.) | Recorded August 30, 2015. Released September 4, 2015.

Episode Sixteen. Harold joins us for a "conversation" of this most gleetful of episodes. A disfigured road agent exacerbates Dan's very bad day... Al's stones are loosened by Jewel's sonic screams... William takes his pet oatmeal for a walk... E.B. berates Richardson, chef savant, but finds himself undone by Alma's feminine intuitions... Maddie continues to confound the hoopleheads with her bizarre behavior. ... Also, Paul revisits the sordid affair of Kitty LeRoy and her husband/killer Samuel R. Curley. | Recorded September 13, 2015. Released September 18, 2015.

Episode Seventeen. As the "we're not saying that word" General rides into town, the very white hosts of HoopleCast (and guest Jonathon!) explain what it's like to be a black man in the late 19th century. Alma suspects she may be in a family way... Richardson builds a stalker nest of antlers and hair and vomit... Silas is cunt-struck by Miss Isriwhatshername... Some racist yokels get fuckin' riled over a statement regarding the legitimacy of their claims. ... Also, Nuchtchas has the gossip on local heroines, including that "nauseating specimen of degraded humanity" Mrs. Bloxsom. | Recorded September 27, 2015. Released October 1, 2015.

Episode Eighteen. We're halfway through the series and events take a very disturbing turn. Fortunately, Stephanie of RedemptionCast and The iZombie Podcast is here to lighten the mood. Camp residents wait in queue to see their king... Mister W. surprises the girls of the Chez Ami... A lesson on press neutrality is authored for Merrick's benefit... Steve fucks a horse. (I did not fuck that horse.) ... Also, Robin warns us about the stilts craze that is afflicting our youngsters. | Recorded October 4, 2015. Released October 13, 2015.

Episode Nineteen. If you're lonely and forsaken, HoopleCast, featuring guest Stephanie Edd of EddCast, is available to milk you of your sorrows. (Then, afterward, complete this survey, maybe?) A gathering of worthies makes the camp's mayor feel excluded... Wolcott steps on Charlie's foot... Al is everyone's life coach and shares his affection for a particular difficult-to-pronounce tea... The hoopleheads enjoy a little erotic fiction from 1876. ... Also, Sue helps us say "bon voyage!" to an acclaimed artist. | Recorded October 25, 2015. Released October 30, 2015.

Episode Twenty. Ignore the naked man shot whilst fleeing the Hearst mining operation and direct your attention toward this shiny new bicycle! Yes, the entire camp is abuzz as they wager on whether Tom Nuttall will successfully navigate his Boneshaker down the boardwalk. Meanwhile, William refuses tea... Ellsworth hauls a boulder... Joanie finds another use for Basil Hayden bourbon (official whiskey of HoopleCast). ... Also, Viv gives us the chismes on Colorado Charlie Utter and his immense sombrero. | Recorded November 1, 2015. Released November 6, 2015.

Episode Twenty-one. Emily of Yes, Mother and Sue Watches Buffy returns as our guest, and we're all impressed by mini-adult William Bullock. Al's palate rebels against Merrick's overzealous newspapering... Stacks of cash do not unburdened Mose of the guilt that stems from fratricide... Martha is a grade-A fucking class act... A horse declines a nutting by Fields and Hostetler, irrevocably shattering the lives of some of our citizens. ... Also, Alex invites us to drink pancake batter at the Oyster Bay. | Recorded November 15, 2015. Released November 21, 2015.

Episode Twenty-two. The most tragic of turns casts a pall over this entire episode, and not even our lovely guest Laurel can rouse us from our melancholy mood. A whale is dragged to the Chez Ami... The cunt with the long Kraut moniker finally leaves camp... Hugo retells a bizarre and confusing tale about a man with a bag over his head... The camp holds its breath for the inevitable. ... Also, Chris waxes poetic about a purely American custom: Thanksgiving. (Now, let us all say a prayer to the God of Antlers and Hooves.) | Recorded November 29, 2015. Released December 5, 2015.

Episode Twenty-three. (Question: How many kinds of cock breath are there?) The always insightful Nuchtchas of The Nutty Bites Podcast returns as our guest, and we couldn't be more thrilled. The San Francisco Cocksucker offends Al's nostrils... The she-apes of the Gem are banned from the balconies, lest they throw themselves off in grief... Everyone is suddenly very superstitious... There's a funeral, but GOOD GRIEF this new minister is not good at his job... Unfortuantely, there's more annexation talk, and it's the dullest thing ever. ... Also, Emily reads the weather report from December, 1878. (Answer: Seven. There are seven kinds of cock breath.) | Recorded December 20, 2015. Released December 25, 2015.

Episode Twenty-four. Sue of Sue Watches Buffy and Yes, Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast is our guest for the season two finale, which features both a wedding and a bloodbath. The great man himself, George Hearst, arrives in Deadwood... Whilst suffering a digestive crisis, E.B. completes his transformation into a Shakespearean buffoon... Ellsworth dons lavender mittens... The annexation deal is (finally) struck... Wu proves out and becomes an American. ... We announce the second phase of HoopleCast, coming late 2016. ... Also, Christiana describes the gastronomical delights of Christmas 1877, plus pistol-whipping. | Recorded December 27, 2015. Released February 1, 2016.

Episode Twenty-five. The third season premiere is fixin' toward a bloody outcome as we're joined once more by Nuchtchas of The Nutty Bites Podcast. One of the last three speakers of the Cornish language is gunned down by Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden. ... The shitbox of a very snooty Englishman figures into Al's matchmaking schemes. ... We rejoice in the glorious beating of E.B. by Angry Seth, but lament Cy's continued existence. ... Impressionable schoolchildren have their minds warped by a racist textbook. ... Also, Michael David questions why there are no public schools—the bulwark of a nation—within this metropolis known as Deadwood. | Recorded March 13, 2016. Released March 18, 2016.

Episode Twenty-six. Haso is our little duckling for this latest episode, which finds our citizens eagerly anticipating an evening's worth of substantial, and not at all anti-Semitic, speechifying. Or, to quote French academic Alexis de Tocqueville, "stop shitting in the creek!" Martha's weak tea is a powerful aphrodisiac... Another Hearst mind game results in slit throats... Jane entertains a classroom of children with stories of a puffed-up General Custer... The spirit moves through Cy Tolliver... Suggestion: If you see Al standing on the hotel veranda, and the moment seems right, blow him a kiss. ... Also, Randal takes us on a trip to the stars via electric railroad. | Recorded March 20, 2016. Released March 27, 2016.

Episode Twenty-seven. A new installment of HoopleCast! You savvy? The stagecoach brings new citizens to Deadwood, including thee-a-ter dandy Jack Langrishe, Carnivàle's Rita Sue, and Aunt Lou Marchbanks, who upends the mammy caricature to reveal herself as a cigar-chomping, mah jongg-playing badass. Seth consoles sobbing Cornishmen, witnesses to a mining "accident"... Al takes us on a delightful tour of the camp... Feeling emasculated by Alma's proposal, Hearst threatens to rape her, and we're all left horrified. Fuck that murderous cocksucker. ... Also, Laurel seeks an amicable settlement between two mining companies, following the shooting of J.C. Tuttle. | Recorded April 3, 2016. Released April 9, 2016.

Episode Twenty-eight. Our hearts fuckin' leap with (Love)joy as Ian McShane superfan Russell joins us to discuss this episode, which features not only one, but *two!* blowjobologues. The return of Hostetler and Fields prompts more "white people are the true victims" logic, courtesy of the foulmouthed racist Steve... Alma wears a purple quilt and makes eyes at Leon (:shudder:)... As Jack secures a building for the theater company, Rita Sue endeavors to make him jealous... Harry and Tom pose for a shirtless firefighters calendar, if Mel's Photoshopped images are to be believed. ... Also, Haso warns of eventual conflagration, which threatens Deadwood's citizens and property. | Recorded April 17, 2016. Released April 23, 2016.

Episode Twenty-nine. Carla is our guest this recording, but if her mother inquires, we are a podcast covering important social economic issues, and we're definitely *not* discussing sodomy via vegetables. Dan and Captain Turner enjoy some good old fashioned mud rastlin'... A horny Alma approaches Ellsworth for some sexy times, but he has ample towels... Seth makes a capon of George Hearst... Milch's desire to overpopulate the series with unnecessary characters continues as Chesterton and the insatiable Bellegarde arrive in camp. However, we are now familiar with "the art of figging," and for that we are eternally grateful. ... Also, Emily reassures us that authorities are in pursuit of the trunk thief who torched the Belle Fourche stage crossing.| Recorded May 1, 2016. Released May 8, 2016.

Episode Thirty. Laurel returns for the aftermath of the infamous bout that left our Dan a Neanderthal. Disgusted by her ladyship's bad habits, Trixie ponders employment elsewhere, but is quickly admonished by life coach Al Swearengen. (Loopy cunt!)... Aunt Lou's son Odell arrives in Deadwood, boasting of a gold discovery in Liberia... Steve, beset with guilt and grief, denounces all racist attitudes and works diligently at the livery--Kidding! He's still awful as fuck. ... Also, Robin reports that General Fields, recently assaulted by snowballs, is now under the county's protection for his involvement in the Gay-Forbes affair. | Recorded May 15, 2016. Released May 20, 2016.

Episode Thirty-one. Skyping from the middle of a cornfield is our guest Randal of The Grawlix Podcast. Odell holds his fuckin' own as George Hearst's dinner companion... Gustave, the tailor, fashions the latest in colorful stump covers for Al... A stirring letter to the family of the slain Pasco Carwen moves the camp elders... Steve offers the General a fig leaf... The hooples attempt to pair Alma with one of Deadwood's eligible bachelors, and discuss the recent troubles at HBO. ... Also, Moira pleads: won't someone please think of the capitalists? | Recorded May 22, 2016. Released June 5, 2016.

Episode Thirty-two. We welcome back to the podcast Will of Down Below: A Babylon 5 Introcast, The Sense8 Podcast, and (coming late 2016) SpartaCast. A scheme to keep General Fields in camp backfires on Steve... Brothers Wyatt and Morgan Earp arrive in Deadwood, because there aren't already enough fucking goddamn characters in this series... Chesteron--line? line?--is boosted over the metaphorical cliff... Langrishe embarks upon a campaign of feints designed to occupy the leviathan Hearst. ... Also, Stephanie Edd regales us with a report of last evening's very successful, albeit culturally insensitive, masquerade ball. | Recorded June 12, 2016. Released June 18, 2016.

Episode Thirty-three. HoopleCast offers a proud prelude to the climax of the final season, and a chance for our guest Cory to show us his skills and hidden talents! The Earps exchange insults with Pinkerton agents... Joanie becomes unmoored due to a Norwegger's whimsical construction of the new schoolhouse... Hearst authors a response to the publication of Seth's letter... The entire camp marvels at Richardson's juggling prowess. ... Also, Christiana promises the Langrishe Theatre's production of The Road Agents of the Hills: A Romance of Deadwood will enlist a lively interest in our play-going community. | Recorded June 26, 2016. Released July 3, 2016.

Episode Thirty-four. Does David Milch hate the Irish? Our guest Jonathon thinks so! As shots ring out in the thoroughfare, Al has his hero moment... Alma somersaults after eating Jewel’s breakfast… If Hearst is "Socrates," then Hugo is willing to get down on his knees and be his "Alcibiades."... The hooples are confused by a cavalcade of tremendous brunettes… And, what is happening in Con’s pants? It appears as though Con’s erect penis has detached itself from his groin and is now moving independently down his pants. … Also, Nuchtchas shares amusing local brevities, and a statement from Long Dog of the Black Hawk in which he claims all Indians hate the white men. | Recorded July 10, 2016. Released July 16, 2016.

Episode Thirty-five. Longtime Deadwood fan Andrew is our guest for this pivotal penultimate episode. The murder of a beloved individual unites the camp against the grotesque George Hearst... Trixie is the loopiest of loopy cunts, and we couldn't love her more for it... Aunt Lou fires the opening salvo in restaurant wars... At the schoolhouse, Jane plays Duck-Duck-Goose with the children (or, if you are an insufferable Minnesotan, Duck-Duck-Gray Duck)... One hundred and fifty Chung Kuo cocksuckers are summoned to Deadwood to swell the ranks of our heroes. ... Also, Alirio speaks to the character and accomplishments of Seth Bullock, and asks his fellow citizens to reelect him Sheriff. | Recorded July 24, 2016. Released July 30, 2016.

Episode Thirty-six. A murder engine versus a Swearengen as Stephanie Edd, author of The Clear Case and The Halyard Hitch, drops the hammer again. Hawkeye arrives with future Tarantino cast "The Almost Eighteen"... Seth opines on the nature of bullies, and how they never know when to shut the fuck up... In the voting queue, a well-intentioned Charlie nonetheless defines "White Privilege"... Joanie promises herself to Jane, a rare moment of sweetness in this otherwise upsetting de facto series finale... That Twin Peaks actor Matt has teased the hooples about all podcast long finally appears (or does he?)... Al sacrifices an innocent to spare the camp from garbage human George Hearst, who unjustly fucks over our heroes at every conceivable turn. ... Also, Chris has stern words of criticism for Seth Bullock's successor, yet entertains us with the tale of a pitiful rain-soaked sad sack. (Gentlemen, don't forget to vote against the opium ordinance!) | Recorded August 7 & 13, 2016. Released August 22, 2016.

Peaches, hoecakes, titty-lickers, gleets, antler gods, bicycle rides, ginger bums, constant throbs, loopy fucking cunts... It's been quite the journey through the muck and mire of the gritty outlaw camp known as Deadwood. Nuchtchas of Beyond the Wall: A Game of Thrones Podcast helps us reflect on our favorite moments of the series. We discuss our episode ratings, character nominations, and noteworthy predictions... Matt attempts to address the show's cancelation despite conflicting reports... Biographies reveal the true fates of our favorite characters, which leads to further speculation about a potential movie... The hoopleheads play a very long, very painful game of HoopleCast trivia. ... Also, the resplendent Claire regales us with tales of that herald from the world beyond: the stagecoach. | Recorded September 11, 2016. Released October 10, 2016.

1889. That bald-pated cunt George Hearst has returned to Deadwood to celebrate South Dakota's transition from territory to state. Upon being mother-fucked from a balcony by a pregnant Trixie, Hearst leverages his newly found awareness of Al Swearengen's deception (vis-à-vis the prostitute Jen) against our heroes in a campaign to secure Charlie Utter's land. Trains, telephones, and electric lights may suggest steps toward civilization, but Deadwood remains a hell of a place to make your fortune. Welcome the fuck back. ... Also, Moira and Russell tell us about the catastrophic events of 1879 and 1883, which profoundly impacted our town. | Recorded June 23, 2019. Released June 29, 2019.

This is it, folks. The fucking end. There is no more Deadwood. (Unless those cocksuckers at HBO release those deleted scenes, hmmm?) We conclude our coverage of the film with listener feedback, favorite quotes, characters of the episode, and our all-important ratings. We discussed the plot in depth in part one, but did we actually like the fucking thing? Listen and be enlightened. ... Also, Jonathon, Nutty, Mark, Anthony, Chris, Steve, and Robin debate the merits of prohibition in South Dakota. | Recorded July 7, 2019. Released July 30, 2019.